About YAC – Nepal

Youth Acting for Change, Nepal (YAC-Nepal) is a Non-Profit & Non-Political Social Development Organization established in 2057 B.S. (2000 A.D.) as a CBO by ‘Active Professionals & Committed Youths’ with experience in the Social Development Field. It was legally registered as a NGO in District Administration Office Kailali in 2061 B.S. (2004 A.D.) & affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. YAC-Nepal is committed to ‘Social Development’ adapting ‘Right Based Approach’. It works in province 7 of Nepal. YAC-Nepal’s priority is to work in partnership with all type of Development Agencies & Groups for addressing the causes & consequences of poverty & social injustice of the marginalized people for achieving sustainable development. The overall aim of the organization is to promote equity & equality of disadvantaged people through the process of sensitization & empowerment and to bring them into the mainstream of national development.

Vision, Mission, Goal
and Objectives

YAC-Nepal wants to see dignified life of poor and marginalized people utilizing resources and services equitably.

  •  Increase access of poor and marginalized community to resources and services of government and non – government institution through process of empowerment
  • Build and promote institutional base of impact people and organization itself.
  • Build the capacity of impact communities for claiming their rights.
  • Increasing downward accountability of duty bearers and organization itself.
  • Reducing vulnerability and promoting climate change adaptability.
  • Building partnership and collaboration with diverse development partners.

Contribute for the equitable and sustainable development of Nepal through socioeconomic empowerment of poor and marginalized community.

  • Dedicated to increase the access of marginalized communities especially of Poor, Women, Small  Peasants, Ethnic Groups, Dalit & Children to resources & services for ensuring the right to food, food security, housing, health, education, environment etc.
  • Promote gender equality and social inclusion through the process of awareness& empowerment.
  • Lobby & Advocacy against socially ill practices in the community.
  • Contribute to the ‘Holistic Development’ of the Nation by expanding linkages& collaboration with likeminded  Local, National & International Agencies, Institutions& Organizations.
  • Lobby and Advocate the provision of ‘ Human Right for All’ under Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.
  • Conduct Research & Studies.

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