Global Coalition for the Universal Recognition of the Right to a Healthy Environment Wins UN Human Rights Prize


  The Global Coalition of Civil Society, Indigenous Peoples, Social Movements, and Local Communities for the Universal Recognition of the Right to a Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Environment wins the UN 2023 Human Rights Award.

This is both an impressive recognition of the power of our collective work as well as a great political opportunity to amplify key messages.



On October 8, 2021, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) adopted a resolution recognizing the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment. Thanks to the advocacy of civil society, Indigenous Peoples, social movements, local communities, and legal experts, as well as the leadership of governments of Costa Rica, Maldives, Morocco, Slovenia, and Switzerland, also known as the “Core Group”, that have been advocating for this recognition and thanks to the active advocacy of civil society and legal experts, the resolution was adopted with no votes against and only 4 abstentions.

In an historic vote, on July 28, 2022, the highest body of the United Nations – the UN General Assembly – universally recognized the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

Almost one year after the recognition, the Coalition is recognized for its critical role in advocating for the recognition of the right to a healthy environment by the UN General Assembly in 2022.

This Award is given every five years, and it is the first time ever, that is given to a Global Coalition. The prize will be bestowed in New York on December 10, which also marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, making this recognition even more special.

⚡️ Join us in celebrating this incredible achievement ⚡️

Together, our voices have the power to bring great visibility to this incredible recognition and pressure governments to act urgently to ensure this right is effectively protected and enjoyed by all. We invite you to join us and mobilize others for this critical moment.