About Climate Change

YAC-Nepal has been implementing Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives since 2008 in collaboration with LIBIRD-Pokhara, CEN Kathamandu, and Local government units. During this period YAC Nepal has implemented number of climate change initiatives in far west Nepal as briefly described below.

1. Awareness Raising, Sensitization Campaign and Networking on Climate Change- 2008-2010-
Youth Acting for Change-Nepal has been holding secretariat of NGO group for climate change of far western region since 2008. YAC Nepal has been implementing Awareness Campaign on Climate Change in far western region in partnership with LiBIRD during 2009-2010 with the four folds objectives for instance- sensitize local civil society organizations and stakeholders on Climate Change issue, building common understanding among service providers to address the climate change issue, impart experiences, initiations and observations about climate change at local level, initiate network or forum of civil society organizations at district level.-See report in annex-1

2. “Promotion of indigenous Adaptation practices ” focusing on indigenous community In continuous of the above initiatives, YAC Nepal has piloted next short term climate initiatives Named “Promoting Indigenous practices of livelihood of Raji and Kumal Community in Dhangadi district in partnership with LIBIRD Pokhara during 2011 under Climate Change Adaptation Fund with the objectives of “Building awareness of Raji and Kumal community on Climate change and incorporate indigenous adaptive initiatives in VDC level plan through local level planning process. See report in annex-2

3. Capacity building of NGONCC on LAPA/NAPA (Adaptation plan) and vulnerability Assessment
YAC-Nepal in partnership with LIBIRD Pokhara has implemented the short term project Named – Networking, and Capacity Strengthening of NGONCC, promoting adaptation technology in Far Western Development Region of Nepal on Climate Change during 2012—2013 with three fold objectives;
1. Building capacity of Climate vulnerable farmers groups and Member of NGONCC on climate change
issue, its effect, and identifying adaptation measures applying the vulnerability tools and process.
2. Promoting the indigenous adaptation practices
3. Identify policy gaps in the government programming in relation to NAPA/LAPA for policy dialogues.

YAC Nepal has achieved some of the key output from this short period project activity as follows:

• Total of 83 farmers representatives familiarized about the climate change issue, its effective in nature and living beings.
• Mukta Kamaya of Dhanchauri and Environment conservation committee of Lathuwa has initiate local adaptation measures implementing bagar vegetable farming technology, and plantation of Bamboo and jatropha in the bank of stream to control land cutting/erosion.
• Lathuwa community able to access resource from VDC for protection of their plantation area.
• 20 New NGOs became a member of Regional NGONCC
• 43 representatives from I/NGOs, government organizations, and media became aware on the climate change scenario of Kailali district.
• YAC Nepal shared climate change knowledge and experience to different level of stakeholders as student, farmers, media, and government agencies.
• Build collaboration relationship with DDC, Alternative Energy, Bio-diversity promotion Cooperative, CFUGS, Media, and Chamber of comers to create awareness on climate change.
• More than 233 representatives’ from different organization such as government organization, civil society organizations, political parties, journalist, local FM radio, FECOFUN, Water and sanitation committee, cooperative, Campus, Socil society member sensitized on climate change issue, NAPA, LAPA through orientation, and training program. (see report for detail-Annex-3)

4. Strengthening CSOs and Community response to climate change”-
A piloting CAV project, implemented by YAC Nepal in partnership with LI-BIRD Pokhara for 3 year period from 2014 to 2016 targeting to climate vulnerable community of Bhajani of Kailali district. YAC Nepal implemented this project in collaboration with Chetansil Samaj a local NGO working in Bhajani Trisakthi Municipality. The objective of this project is to build community capacity to design and implement adaptation activities through applying the CAV methodology/principle-To Know, To Do, and To Sustain. The project also aimed to mainstreaming CAV model in local level planning process to implement the LAPA at community level through resource leverage. This Principle emphasizes on effective implementation of LAPA mainly for building capacity of community on vulnerability assessment; take self decision on designing, prioritization and implementation of Local adaptation activities, climate fund generation, mobilization and promotion of governance for the sustainability of adaptation activities at local level..

Project Objective-

• Oriented to communities and Local CBO about the CAV concept, and principle such as To Know, To DO, and To sustain and build capacity of climate vulnerable communities to develop, and implement the local adaptation activities in sustainable manner.
• Mainstreaming Adaptation plan into local level planning process for resource leverage.
• Build the capacity of the climate vulnerable community to develop adaptation plan through applying the vulnerability assessment tools
• Build functional collaboration and coordination with Government and non government organization for resource leverage for the sustainability of the program. Refer outcome level report for details -Annex-4